Little Luxuries: The convenient lifestyle that makes Dubai, Dubai

5 Mar
If being spoiled is what you’re going for, live out the little luxuries the way the expats do in true, convenient, style to make your trip to Dubai even more advantageous.  Any visitor can obtain snaps and stories of shopping in the world’s largest mall, eyeing the tallest tower, skiing in the only indoor ski hill or dining in the world’s 7-star hotel.  But as long as you have a local calling card, your driver’s license and passport even the everyday visitor can indulge in common expat amenities in which you wouldn’t have otherwise known.

Beach Delivery
Expats in Dubai know that the true UAE way of life is taking it easy and consuming the many services that are affordably accessible.  Whether alone or with a group, providing you’ve obtained a local calling card, you can dial any restaurant or fast food delivery (the take-one Restaurant Guide is available at any hotel concierge).  Simply give clear instructions and advise on key landmarks.  Since delivery is less than one hour, make sure to keep a watchful eye for the delivery man so you can flag him down accordingly.  Why leave your perfect shoreline spot, and dine in colder-than-normal air condition, when you can order lunch directly to your beach blanket?  It is a normal way of life for no extra charge and will save you from interrupting precious swim time to recycle the same locale you went to for breakfast.  Play along and enjoy – you’re on vacation. 
 Sight See in Style
Public transportation in Dubai is few and far between and, even with the new Dubai Metro, is (not outspokenly) used by those earning less than 30,000 dirhams (about $10,000CDN) per year.  Taxis are of course the most common way to go if you’re lucky enough to win the rat race of claiming one.  They also don’t charge while you’re idle.  However, in 40+ degree weather when the driver has sat all day the interior does not generally have the most nostril-friendly of fragrances.   Renting a car is comfortable and affordable with an average range of $27CDN per day for a Toyota Yaris to $45CDN per day for a Nissan Accord.  As long as you have a valid driver’s license and passport on hand, visitors can lease a car for a minimum of one week through one of several car rental companies.  See Dubai the way the expats do, on your own time, in your own way and with your own set of wheels. 
One Stop Shop
Those living in Dubai take advantage of being serviced outside of just restaurants and hotels.  And when it comes to the word “convenience” the term has a whole new meaning.  Sand-blown cars are in constant need of a wipe so continue your visit in true expat form by locating a man uniformed in yellow at any grocery or mall car park for a 15 dirham (around $5 CDN) car wash on the spot while you shop.  In need of some gas?  Sit back and chill out while three attendants service you at the petrol station. Thirsty for water?  Need a magazine for the beach?  Simply want a pack of gum? Place your order for whatever you wish with one of the attendants and relax in the comfort of your rental while the others wash and re-fill your car.

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