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The 8 Most Annoying People You’ll Meet on the Road

15 Sep

By David Joshua Jennings

It has been said that “travel broadens the mind,” but this is a bit simplistic and isn’t always the case. Nor is it true that all travelers possess a similar personality type, or that they are all adventurous, open-minded or courageous. Sometimes people travel to give meaning to their lives when they don’t have any. They define themselves through travel, styling themselves as independent adventurers and looking down upon the general slew going to and from their offices each day. Their only concerns are where they have been and where they are going next. I, me, mine. Travel becomes solipsistic.

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12 Career Skills That Travel Will Improve

12 Sep

By Mabel Lee, Bootsnall

Most people think of travel as a break from the pressures and commitments of daily life, especially those encountered in the grind of the working world. Seen as the antithesis of work, travel is the most sought-out way to de-stress and get away from it all. But when it comes to taking a longer and more significant break from work, travel can even be seen as an activity that is counterproductive or harmful to one’s career path. When people write off career break traveling, they tend to mention its lack of concrete experiences which can be put towards building a formidable resume. The difficulty of explaining a career break trip to a future employer is one of the reasons why some are reluctant to set off on their next big adventure.

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It’s All Greek to Me: The Origins of 15 Popular Travel Expressions Explained

30 Aug

By Reannon Muth   |   June 9th, 2011

We use travel idioms like it’s all Greek to me and shoe-string budget every day but do you ever stop to wonder what they mean? What’s a shoestring?  And why do we travel through South-East Asia on one?  The following are origins – and explanations – for 15 popular travel words and expressions.

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10 Hot New Nightlife Destinations

18 Aug

London, Vegas, Moscow and Rio.  These and other famous party locales are becoming more and more overlooked as global party-trotters attempt to uncover the best, new, hotspots of the decade.  For a wild time and a mix of culture, check out the ten new ultimate nightlife destinations of modern tourism:

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Around the World in a Single Day – Intelligent Travel

15 Aug

By Kimberly Simmons

On July 24, 2010, National Geographic asked people around the world to turn their video cameras on themselves and record a magnificent or ordinary moment of their lives. People in over 190 countries participated, submitting 80,000 videos to YouTube. Producer Ridley Scott and Oscar-winning director Kevin Macdonald took 4,500 hours of video and edited it into a 95-minute movie about life in a single day on this planet. This global, user-generated documentary, “Life in a Day,” celebrates the wonders of life and being alive; it’s a beautiful montage of the human experience.

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6 Bad Travel Habits and How to Avoid Them

24 Jul

We’ve all been there, we’ve all done it.  Regardless of our different holiday styles, there are certain things we’re guilty of doing when we travel that stump our culture growth, and muddle our experiences.  Read on to see how many bad travel habits you’ve been known to do, and how you can avoid them.

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Top 10 Secrets for Safe and Secure Foreign Travel

16 Mar

Whether you plan on getting cozy in a resort, staying in a hotel or jumping from hostel to hostel this year, be smart about certain approaches to local customs.  Although these tips skew visits to second and third world countries, they can be applied anywhere.  Keep yourself safe, your money secure and your sanity in check by implementing these secret tips to deter you from landing in common sticky situations while travelling abroad.

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