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18 Jul

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18 Jul

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Welcome to my travel blog

17 Jul

Deanna is a freelance travel contributor, based out of Toronto, Canada for TripAtlas.com and various travel sites.  She has been featured on Sympatico.ca/travel and in Active Adult magazine.

Her passion has led her around the world to Asia, Africa, Europe, North and South America and most of the Middle East including a two year stunt in Dubai.

The one thing she can’t live without?  Her passport.

10 Cool Things About the Middle East

30 Jun
There’s no doubt the Middle East certainly has its share of instability, but life resumes as normal and there is so much more than meets the eye.  The Cradle of Civilisation is how it’s referred, and rightfully so.  Every part of this region dates back to the beginning of man and the result is today’s richness in culture, passion and kinship.  Definitely not for the close-minded, its contrasting beauty, hospitality and ever-present sunshine will make you succumb to the notion that this part of the world is like anywhere else.  Set the stereotypes aside as you plan your next holiday and venture out to one of many Middle Eastern locales.  To get you going, listed are ten awesome things about the Middle East.

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Diving with Sharks in South Africa

23 May

Galeophobia, from the ancient Greek word, “galeos”, means a fear of sharks. With more than 350 species and an average of 60 shark attacks around the world each year, it’s easy to understand why a little more than 90% of the global population, consciously or subconsciously, suffer from this fear. But is it justified? As my plane touched down in one of the most shark-centric countries in the world, I decided to find out.

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10 Best Staycations Around the GTA

14 May

Gaining popularity during the 2007 – 2009 financial crisis when people couldn’t afford to holiday, the term “staycation” was officially added to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary in 2009.  Literally meaning “stay” (at-home) “vacation”, holiday-seekers are beginning to venture around their home country more and more, well after the recession has ended.  So jump on the bandwagon and test it out this season.  Good for any weather condition or group size, follows is a list of the 10 best staycation ideas outside of the Greater Toronto Area:

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Annual Swan Parade Welcomes Spring in Stratford, ON

5 Apr

For most Canadians, the initial sighting of a robin, patch of grass or tree bud means that spring is in the air.  For the citizens of Stratford Ontario this means the homecoming of the swans to the Avon River.  What started off as a simple yearly routine more than twenty years ago has now become an annual tradition and a world re-known event.  This unusual episode attracts more and more visitors each year including our bordering American neighbours.

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