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Welcome to my travel blog

17 Jul

Deanna is a freelance travel contributor, based out of Toronto, Canada for TripAtlas.com and various travel sites.  She has been featured on Sympatico.ca/travel and in Active Adult magazine.

Her passion has led her around the world to Asia, Africa, Europe, North and South America and most of the Middle East including a two year stunt in Dubai.

The one thing she can’t live without?  Her passport.


10 Cool Things About the Middle East

30 Jun
There’s no doubt the Middle East certainly has its share of instability, but life resumes as normal and there is so much more than meets the eye.  The Cradle of Civilisation is how it’s referred, and rightfully so.  Every part of this region dates back to the beginning of man and the result is today’s richness in culture, passion and kinship.  Definitely not for the close-minded, its contrasting beauty, hospitality and ever-present sunshine will make you succumb to the notion that this part of the world is like anywhere else.  Set the stereotypes aside as you plan your next holiday and venture out to one of many Middle Eastern locales.  To get you going, listed are ten awesome things about the Middle East.

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Top 10 Secrets for Safe and Secure Foreign Travel

16 Mar

Whether you plan on getting cozy in a resort, staying in a hotel or jumping from hostel to hostel this year, be smart about certain approaches to local customs.  Although these tips skew visits to second and third world countries, they can be applied anywhere.  Keep yourself safe, your money secure and your sanity in check by implementing these secret tips to deter you from landing in common sticky situations while travelling abroad.

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353 Days of Sun, Sand and Surf

7 Mar
With 80% of the world’s construction cranes surrounding my every whereabouts, Dubai started to look boring after two years.  But the Emirate never had me bored with things to do.  With 353 days a year of sun, sand and surf Dubai never left me restless.

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Little Luxuries: The convenient lifestyle that makes Dubai, Dubai

5 Mar
If being spoiled is what you’re going for, live out the little luxuries the way the expats do in true, convenient, style to make your trip to Dubai even more advantageous.  Any visitor can obtain snaps and stories of shopping in the world’s largest mall, eyeing the tallest tower, skiing in the only indoor ski hill or dining in the world’s 7-star hotel.  But as long as you have a local calling card, your driver’s license and passport even the everyday visitor can indulge in common expat amenities in which you wouldn’t have otherwise known.

A Pilgrimage in Petra

2 Mar

The historical site where, according to the Nabataeans, a sanctuary was built in honor of King Obodas I called the Al-Deir (or Monastery) in Petra, Jordan, has been a religious pilgrimage for travellers for years.  The en-Nejr mountain in which the Monastery rests atop is a challenge in itself to reach as it is about a mile walk outside the small town of Ma’an in a dry, desert heat so intense it makes a sauna seem cold.  But once you arrive, the overwhelming sensation of being in another era surrounds you as you come face to face with one of the new Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.  The “Lost City of Petra” (or “Rose-Red City” as some like to call), at the foot of the en-Nejr mountain is home to hundreds of half-built, half-carved rose hued rock temples, tombs, religious monuments and the popular el-Kazneh (or Pharaoh’s Treasury), where Indiana Jones once had his last crusade.


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